The high level of security of the Service Proxypa3 ensured by the following :

  • The information on the card (card number , CVV2, expiration date ) are transmitted / transferred through the Internet in encrypted form (128-bit encryption) and is accessible from our online store.
  • The systems and processes used by Eurobank exclude others from access to data and information systems.
  • The Bank’s website which introduces elements of card your customer carries digital certificate to allow everyone to verify the authenticity of , ie to find that the service is actually Proxypay3 of Eurobank.
  • The management of e-commerce services Proxypay3 done by authorized persons of the company , which supplied access codes (username, password).
  • If the issuing bank supports the use of secret code for performing on-line payment by card, and the cardholder has received such a code, the e-commerce service Proxypay3 automatically requests from the client to enter the secret code .
  • In conclusion , the Office of Electronic Commerce Proxypay3 follow best international practices in the field of payment for e-commerce and is also fully compliant with VbV (Verified by Visa) for secure on-line card payments .

All transactions made ​​through governed by international and European law , which regulates issues relating to e -commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994 ) , which regulates issues concerning with remote sales .