Our Workshop

The patisserie Papaparaskevas was founded in 1926. At that time the workshop was situated at the same place, behind the store, while, later, it moved to the upper floor of the building. Today the workshop has moved to facilities situated in Petroxori of Xanthi in an area of 5 acres with buildings of 1200 sqm and modern equipment that follows the European Union standards and employs 23 people. The layout of the new facilities and supply of mechanical equipment scheduled so that there is a potential to increase capacity, reduce production costs, increase productivity and protect the environment. In the laboratory there are 4 production lines, chocolate treats, syrup pastries patisserie and cookies.

Today, in the newly built facilities which are a real ornament for the region, we continue to manufacture top quality sweets, with the same manufacturing methods the same pure materials, and insist that we make the “Carioca” in the exactly same way.   Facing the large machines and walking through the new facilities someone will say that the production is industrialized and the procedures standardized, yet the flavor is still fresh and homemade. The fact that some of the stages of procedure modernized doesn’t mean that the quality was affected. In contrast, the use of new equipment helps us to stabilize the taste of the sweets. We believe that keeping the same taste and quality in our sweets is our precious fortune. What we want is that the “carioca” that someone will eat today to have the exact same taste with any produced 6 decades ago and the same one that will produce in the next 20 years. Our main concern is the quality of raw materials and the use of traditional production methods. The secret of the special taste of our sweets is hidden in the selection and processing of raw materials.

The recipe of chocolate we use is exclusively inspired by G. Papaparaskeva and until today we use the same chocolate that is produced the same chocolatier exclusively for It worth to be mentioned that we use fresh eggs and fresh milk from our region, high quality nuts from the mountainous Thrace and fresh butter which we produce daily from cream goat milk treated appropriately to give sweets this famous traditional flavor and buttered fragrance. In order to produce products with high quality standards we apply modern methods of quality assurance and product certification in compliance with all European and national guidelines (ISO 22000:2005).