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Papaparaskeva confectionary first established on1926 by Mr. George Papaparaskeva and is the one that made Xanthi’s  sweets  well known all over the country. With his 80 years presence in the city of Xanthi is considered to be the best ambassador of this kind of pastry in Greece and Abroad. The main store is located in same place at “eleftheria’s “ square close to the city center . In our store you can find all kind of sweets:” karioka” and sugared bun, patisseries as “sokolatina” and butter cream “kormo”, pastries as “saragli” “baklava” and “kantaifi”, confectionaries and chocolate treats as “nougat”, “anomalo”. “pouro” and many more . In our store you will find all kinds of sweets: Carioca, saragli and other chocolate treats such as nougat, the cigarillo, bumpy and sugared bun and other traditional sweets such as baklava sweets, kantaifi and ekmek kantaifi, the bantem ESME, the almond, the trunk with buttercream, the Chocolate and many many other sweet delights. All our products are fresh and prepared according to modern methods of quality assurance and product certification in compliance with all European and national guidelines (ISO 22000:2005). From 2013 the patisserie is expanding by opening new store in Athens. The new branch is located in the center of Glyfada and intended to convey the distinct flavors of the sweets in the capital.

 Xanthi Shop
 Athens Shop
 28hs Oktwbrioy 186, Xanthi  Papandreoy 13 & Lazaridh, Glyfada
 Zip Cose: 67100  Zip Code: 16675
 Tel. +30 – 25410 – 22677  Tel. +30 – 210 – 8980220
 Fax. +30 – 25410 – 26829  Fax. +30 – 210 – 9681196
 E-mail: sales@papaparaskevas.gr  E-mail: glyfada@papaparaskevas.gr

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